we play music.
Aplil 8,2017 Washington DC
Sakura Matsuri
Aplil 9,2017 Philadelpha
Subaru cherry blossom festival

Kanadete sorou is a rockband founded by the leader, Koni.
Later he was joined by the vocalist Oyumi, the guitarist Chiaki, the drummer Jun.
We perform live with the historical background
of the Meiji Era to the Taisho Era,
dressed in traditional Japanese clothing- kimono and hakama.
We are a unique band mixing tradition with modernity.
We write their own lyrics and music which are inspired
by Japanese folklore and traditional tales and novels,
with the wonderful modern rock sound.


Yoshiwara Kitsune Mai Jinku
by 2nd music collection

Road to Maiko in Azuma
by 1st music collection

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